... Chances are, where we never looked at...

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" No matter how the initial situation looks, there are always solutions. The solutions, the chances are where you never look."

How we work

Everything in the universe is energy in vibration. Our reality is a throng of the most varied energies that affect us, both inside and outside. They are there, whether we see them or not.

There are energies that are life-giving and building. They do well and help. There are also energies that do the opposite. They block and provide problematic experiences.

We feel a negative impact on you and your company. And eliminate them. This makes things much easier, difficulties are solved, and new possibilities appear seemingly out of nowhere. The success is growing and your company can do what it is to do: Earn even more successful money.



Sales company shares:
The sale of a Swiss investor's stake in a 3-digit million-euro mark had already taken years and was finally forbidden by the authorities. Duration until success after cooperation: The sale took place 18 months after the start of our activities.

Sale Properties:
The real estate project of a Swiss architect had been blocked for years by the family side and caused a threatening liquidity bottleneck in the client. Duration until success after cooperation: 10 months after the start of our activity the object was sold.

The German client was disinherited by the parents. The own lawyer, the opposing lawyer and the brother as a heir did not have any communication with the client. Duration until success after cooperation: After 10 days the communication was established and all participants successfully corresponded to each other. 6 weeks after the start of our activity,

Assets blocked:
The assets of a Swiss self-employed person had not been disbursed by a financial company in Australia for more than three months, despite a number of redundancies. Duration until the success after cooperation: The money was credited within 24 hours after commencement of our activity.

New Business Areas:
The Austrian client was a medium-sized company with a long tradition in its sector. The company did not move forward, there was an anxiety culture in the minds and minds of the owners. Duration until success after cooperation: 3 months after the start of our activity, the fear in the company and the persons acting was extinguished. After 11 months, a new business division successfully increased capacity utilization and increased stability and profit.


No matter what industry you are at home - we can support your success.
For 30 years, we have been combining classic business consulting and unique mental techniques to the benefit of our clients.

Send our short questionnaire with your individual topics and we will check if we can help and how. We do not have a standardized patent solution, but you will find your individual solution, because each case is different.

Our audit and analysis is free of charge. You will receive a proposal which you can accept or not. They decide for themselves whether our ideas feel good and if you like to work with us for a manageable time.


Please send us a non-binding inquiry, here you will find our file in the DOC format, which you send us by e-mail. You will receive our analysis within 48 hours.